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In this pandemic millions of people turned to baking as a hobby, all of a sudden the internet was flooded with so many photos of

banana bread.

I was no different, as a baker I had loads of time on my hands to try out new recipes and one day I came up with the perfect chocolate banana bread recipe which I am sharing with you today.

This banana bread is not only vegan but it is refined sugar free+ gluten free+ it can be made oil free too and on top of that it is super healthy and will not make you feel an ounce of guilt after you ate the whole loaf just by yourself.

The next day I left it in the fridge and ohh my god It was just next level delicious, it made a

perfect breakfast with some coconut yogurt , ahh! that cold cloud of coconut yogurt.

This bread is fudgey but light and airy at the same time, u really need to try it to know what I am saying. It just has the perfect amount of sweetness and will not give u a sugar crash like refined sugars do.

This bread will not get undercooked in the middle as long as u follow all the steps, u need to leave this in the oven after baking for 10mins so that it is completely set and after that check it with a skewer if its done , if not u can bake it further and leave it in the oven after baking for an additional 10mins.






1cup of overripe mashed bananas

1tsp vanilla essence

1/2tbsp white vinegar

2tbsp avocado oil or milk

1/3cup maple syrup

1/2cup +6tbsp oat flour

5tbsp cocoa powder

2tbsp any powdered artificial sweetner or u can skip it if u want it less sweet

1/2tsp baking soda

1/4+1/8tsp baking powder

salt, a pinch


  • Preheat the oven to 180c

  • Mix first five ingredients together in a large bowl.

  • Mix the remaining ingredients in another bowl, than combine both together with a spatula but don't overmix as it can make the bread gooey in the middle.

  • Bake for 23mins and let it rest in the oven for 10mins,if under baked at this point u can bake it further otherwise take it out.

  • Rest for 15 mins and than turn it onto a cooling rack, cool completely before slicing, enjoy.

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